Venison Grilling Tips

Grilling is tough on venison. With these venison grilling tips you will get the lowdown on techniques that'll help make those chops or steaks a little more tender and juicy.

Grilling venison can take minutes or it can take hours, depending on just what part of the deer you're cooking. Backstraps, tenderloins, steaks and chops are the most tender if cooked to medium rare or medium. Well done venison is usually pretty tough and dry. See the temperature chart below.

Ground Venison160°F
Medium Rare145°F
Well Done170°F

Tenderloins and loins (or backstraps) can be grilled whole, or cut across the grain into small sections about 1 inch thick medallions and grilled.

Grilled Venison

Charcoal Grilled Venison Tenderloin Medallions
Grilled Venison Steaks
Stuffed Venison Loin
Grilled Deer Burgers
Grilled Venison Backstrap
Steaks and chops are also best when grilled over medium high heat. Marinating overnight will add flavor and moisture to the meat. Coat the meat with oil before it goes on the grill.

Venison roasts should be cooked slower, grilled indirectly at medium-low to medium. Searing the roast on all sides before grilling helps it to retain its moisture. It's also common to wrap roasts in bacon. Roasts can also be wrapped in a double layer of aluminum foil partway through grilling, which holds in the moisture.

The following table shows grill temperature levels for indirect grilling.

Low225ºF - 250ºF
Medium Low250ºF - 300ºF
Medium300ºF - 350ºF
Medium High350ºF - 425ºF
High425ºF - 500ºF


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