Venison Jerky Recipes

Great jerky starts with great recipes. With these venison jerky recipes you can make up batches of sliced meat jerky, ground venison jerky, or even some tasty venison snack sticks.

Venison Jerky Preparation Methods

What is venison jerky? In its most basic form, it's salted and dried deer meat. Marinades and dry seasonings, with spices, herbs and other flavorings improve the texture and flavor of the meat.

Venison jerky can be made using slices of whole muscle or from ground venison. The sliced and ground meat jerky recipes on this page will make some fine tasting snacks.

Sliced Venison Jerky

Whole-muscle jerky is made by cutting the deer meat into quarter inch thick slices, adding flavor with a marinade or a dry jerky seasoning mix, and then drying in the oven or in a dehydrator. If you enjoy the spicy flavor of chili powder, this recipe for Chili Head's Venison Jerky is a jerky recipe you'll enjoy.

Ground Venison Jerky

Ground venison jerky combines ground deer meat with seasoning mix that includes curing agents and flavorings. The ground meat jerky is formed into strips or round snack sticks with a jerky gun or jerky shooter. It can even be hand formed into the desired shape.

For a nice assortment of ground venison jerky recipes, visit these pages...

Smoked Venison Jerky

With a meat smoker you can dehydrate your jerky and add smoke flavor at the same time. Nothing compares to the taste of jerky flavored with real wood smoke. To learn a little about using a smoker to make jerky, visit Making Smoked Venison Jerky, and try a recipe on this page...

Venison Jerky Recipes

Try your hand at one of the sliced venison recipes you'll find at the link below. I'm sure you'll find one that'll interest you. But before starting on the recipes, you may want to take a look at How To Make Venison Jerky , where you'll find step by step instructions for making sliced venison jerky.

Sliced Deer Jerky Recipes Here you'll find a few of my favorite recipes for preparing venison jerky from sliced deer meat.

If you'd rather whip up some ground venison jerky, check out these pages...

Venison is a versatile meat. Being lean, it's healthy, too. And many believe that all wild game meat is healthier eating than domesticated beef, pork and poultry due to the varied diet that wildlife consumes.

But that's probably the last thing you'll be thinking about when you're consuming the results of these tasty venison jerky recipes.


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