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Whether you bag your venison in the field or at the meat market, Free Venison is here to help you create great tasting venison dishes. If there are leftovers when you cook venison, try one of these recipes next time and you'll have your family and guests beggin' for more!

Venison is a versatile meat, and can be cooked in the kitchen or outdoors on the grill or smoker. And if you have a crockpot or a pressure cooker, it can do wonders for some of the tougher cuts.

What You'll Find Here

From succulent bacon-wrapped grilled venison tenderloin, to tasty and tender crockpot-cooked barbecued venison ribs, Free Venison Recipes offers a variety of ways to prepare your deer. Do you know how to make venison sausage and deer jerky? You'll learn how it's done right here.

The Readers' Corner includes great venison recipes submitted by visitors just like you. If you have a favorite recipe that you'd like to submit, send it in! The best recipes sent in will be published here on this very site.

And I love to hear from my readers! If you have a question or a comment, if you're looking for a specific recipe, or if you just want to say "Hi!" you can reach me through my contact form.

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Grilled Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin Medallions
Grill these babies quickly. Venison tenderloin is best served medium rare. If overcooked, it'll lose it's melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Mouthwatering Grilled Venison Recipes - Charcoal or Gas
Charcoal or gas grilled venison recipes for tasty eating. Try slow barbecued deer roasts, or quick grilled backstrap. Venison on the grill is great!
Free Venison Summer Sausage Recipes
The definitive collection of venison summer sausage recipes. Transform you deer into tasty summer sausage with one of these sausage recipies.
Free Venison Recipes | Venison Sausage Recipes
Make great tasting deer sausage using these venison sausage recipes. Fresh sausage, semi-dried sausage and dried sausage recipes for venison are included in this collection.
Great Venison Jerky Recipes - The Complete Jerky Method
You'll find some great venison jerky recipes here. Learn how to make sliced or ground venison jerky. Like venison snack sticks? You'll find deer stick recipes, too!
Great Tasting Venison Snack Stick Recipes
Your information source for venison snack stick recipes. Learn how to make venison sticks, and find lots of deer stick recipes, from sweet and mild to fiery hot.
Assorted My Best Venison Recipes,Including Venison Ribs,Stew and Chili
You'll find the best venison recipes here. Venison ribs, stew, chili, heart, meatloaf are here, plus much more.
Free Venison Recipes Readers Corner For Great Venison Recipes
Visit the Readers Corner at Free Venison for great venison recipes and cooking tips submitted by our readers. Come on in and submit your own special venison recipe.
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Any Of These Side Dish Recipes Go Great With Venison
You can't just eat venison. These side dish recipes are the perfect complement to a nice venison main course. Cornbread, beans, rice and homemade bread are all tasty additions to your venison meal.
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