Venison Snack Stick Recipes

Whether you like venison sticks spicy or mild, one of the venison snack stick recipes you'll find here will make deer sticks just the way you like them.

These tasty snacks go by many names...venison snack sticks, deer sticks, snack sticks, hot sticks, venison sticks, deer stix, and more. To make them, ground venison, sometimes combined with other ground meats, is cured, seasoned, formed into a rope-like shape and dehydrated.

How To Make Venison Snack Sticks

Making deer sticks is easy after you learn how it's done. Most of the recipe pages shown here provide some of the basic details of making snack sticks. But for detailed information on putting together venison snack sticks, visit Making Deer Snack Sticks, where you'll find start-to-finish instructions.

Venison Snack Stick Recipes

Deer sticks can be flavored with herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables. That's one of the fun things about these snacks. It's easy to create a new flavor whenever inspiration strikes. The pages linked to below contain a variety of venison snack stick recipes, flavored with garlic, maple syrup, anise, hot peppers, basil, and many more seasonings and flavorings.

Visit one of these pages for snack stick ideas.

Deer sticks are a tasty, fun way to make use of ground venison. Try making venison snack sticks today!


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