Side Dish Recipes

Man (or woman) does not live by venison alone. Gotta have some tasty side dish recipes to go along with that fantastic venison meal. Don't you?

What goes good with venison? Just about anything. Cheesy rice, five bean salad, and bacon bit cornbread are just a few side dishes that will make great accompaniments to the meal. I'm even going to throw in a few downhome specialties like breaded tomatoes, baked beans and homemade white bread. You'll even see a dessert recipe or two.

My Favorite Side Dish Recipes

Bacon Bit Cornbread

This recipe for Bacon Bit Cornbread was one that my grandma made all the time. She'd fry up a few slices of bacon in a skillet, put the crumbled bacon and the bacon grease in the batter, and bake it right in the same skillet. It's high in cholesterol, but man, what a flavor.

Five Bean Salad

The sweet and tangy flavor of this Five Bean Salad recipe is a favorite at picnics, potlucks and family gatherings. Five different types of beans are combined with onion and celery to make this great side dish.

Try one of these side dish recipes. I'm sure you'll like 'em as much as I do.


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Side Dish Recipes

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