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Cooking Backstrap

Krsitin from Groves, Texas asks...
"My husband has a nice deer backstrap he wants me to cook, can I do it like a roast or in a crockpot? I usually slice it,tenderize and chicken-fry, what are the options?"

Venison backstrap, or loin, is a really versatile cut of meat...
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Bologna - Forgot the Cure

Carolyn from Northern Wisconsin (Barron County) asks...
"I made bologna and forgot to put the cure in, but I did bake it for 4 hours @170degrees. My question is if I fry this before use, is it ok to use? I was told it was ok if kept refrigerated until I was ready to use it. On the other hand I was told to throw it. One said the cure was for bacteria and one said it was for taste. Which is correct? Thank You."

To start with the last part of your question, the main purpose of a cure is to prevent bacterial growth...
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Baking Venison Sausage

Alice from California wrote...
I have venison summer sausage all prepared. When I bake it, wrapped in aluminum foil, do I put it on a rack in the pan or just lay it on a pan??????? I know there will be some grease.

It really doesn't matter if you use a rack or not...
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