How To Make Venison Jerky

Venison jerky can be made from sliced whole venison muscle, or ground venison. Knowing how to make venison jerky from ground venison will enable you to use up last years venison before you stock the freezer with this year's deer.

How to Make Venison Jerky
Using Ground Venison

One type of deer jerky is made from ground venison. This method produces a tender and flavorful jerky that can be formed in a variety of shapes. One of the benefits of this type of deer jerky is that it's a great way to use up your ground deer meat.

Recipes For Ground Venison Jerky

If you visit these pages, you just might find an interesting recipe or two that you'd like to try. Ground venison jerky recipes includes a recipe for a kinda hot Spicy Sweet jerky and a jerky that's just for garlic lovers! Wooster 'n Onion is a great tasting jerky flavored with Worcestershire sauce and sweet onions.

The Curing Rest

Most of the recipes for ground meat jerky require a curing rest before the final seasoning and drying takes place.

Adding The Salt and Cure

Salt and Tender Quick® are added to the meat and mixed in well. Then the ground meat is spread out in a pan, covered with plastic wrap, and refrigerated for two or three days, depending on the recipe. The meat is again mixed thoroughly, twice a day during the curing rest. This distributes the salt an cure through the meat.

Adding The Spices and Flavorings

After the curing rest, the seasoning ingredients are added to the meat, and it's mixed one final time. Some recipes call for another rest period after this final mix, so the seasoning flavors absorb into the meat.

Forming Ground Deer Jerky

The ground deer meat jerky can be formed by using a jerky shooter, or with a rolling pin.

The jerky shooter is by far the easiest way to form the ground meat. It can form flat strips for easy eating jerky, and can also form a round shape that's perfect for deer snack sticks (which are basically ground venison jerky in a round, stick-like form).

To form the jerky with a rolling pin, place some of the meat between two pieces of plastic wrap and roll it out to one-quarter inch thick. Cut into strips one and one-half to two inches wide for drying.

Drying Jerky

Now that you've learned how to make venison jerky, you'll need to learn how to dry it. Your jerky can be dried in your dehydrator, in your oven, or even in a meat smoker. It's important to dry at the correct temperature to prevent spoilage (too low) or overdrying (too hot). Visit How To Dry Deer Jerky to learn the ways of dehydrating this tasty treat.

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