Venison Jerky

If you're like most people, venison jerky is a special treat that you'd like to have every day if you could. Versatile venison can be made into many different types and flavors of great tasting deer jerky.

And if it's on Free Venison, and it has something to do with jerky, you'll find it on this page. Take a look through this index and see if anything catches your eye....

Sliced Venison Jerky Recipes

Venison Jerky Recipes 2 Six great sliced meat jerky recipes will be found here, including one that's Hot and Sweet, another that's Mild and Smoky, plus others including black pepper, white onions, teriyaki sauce. Watch out for the last includes Jose Cuervo® Gold Tequila and habanero peppers. It's a real hum-dinger!

Taco Flavored Deer Jerky Recipe This recipe makes use of your favorite packaged taco seasoning. Add a few extra ingredients and season up the slices of venison before dehydrating. And if you like, add a little cayenne pepper...or a lot!

Chili Head's Venison Jerky Recipe You'll find a great recipe for Chili Head's Deer Jerky Recipe here. Nice and spicy! If you like the flavor of good chili powder, I think you'll really like this chili-flavored jerky recipe.

Ground Venison Jerky Recipes

Ground Venison Jerky Recipes This page contain three great recipes for ground jerky, with more to come. You'll find a spicy sweet version, a great garlicky one, and another called "Fireman Jerky".

Ground Venison Jerky Recipe If you like onion and Wooster (Worcestershire) sauce and onions, you'll like this simple recipe. A bit of garlic add pungency, and corn syrup gives the jerky a touch of sweetness.

Ground Deer Jerky Recipes This collection of recipes includes a great tasting Hawaiian style jerky, smoke flavored deer jerky, and a sweet and sassy barbecued jerky that uses KC Masterpiece® Barbecue sauce as one of its ingredients. And watch out for the Buffalo jerky....

Deer Snack Sticks Recipes

Deer Snack Sticks Recipes Everybody loves deer sticks. This page gives a quick how-to, plus includes four tasty recipes.

Cherry Deer Sticks This deer snack stick recipe contains maraschino cherries, adding a unique sweet flavor.

Italian Style Deer Sticks Recipe Oregano, rosemary, basil and garlic season this recipe. A little red wine is thrown in for good measure.

Teriyaki Deer Snack Sticks A recipe for homemade teriyaki sauce is included on this page along with the deer stick recipe.

Venison Hot Sticks Black and Red Hot Sticks are easy to make. Ground beef is combined with the venison to add flavor and moistness.

Venison Stick Recipe Fennel and anise seed give a hint of licorice flavor to these snack sticks.

Venison Snack Stick Recipes This is a short list of a few favorite stick recipes.

Other Jerky Recipes

Free Venison Jerky Recipes Here's a mixed bag of recipes, including a couple for sliced venison, one for ground meat jerky, and a great snack stick recipe.

Hot Deer Jerky Recipes This trio of jerky recipes is seasoned to the edge of insanity. Black pepper, hot peppers and good old Louisiana hot sauce are the ingredients that give these great flavor and heat.

Smoked Venison Jerky Recipes This page includes two recipes using sliced venison, and one that's made with ground deer meat. Try the Garlic Smoked Venison Jerky.

How To's

How To Make Whole Muscle Deer Jerky Learn how to make sliced deer jerky, from slicing to drying. There are different ways to slice the venison, and different ways to season it before it hits the dehydrator.

How to make Venison Jerky This page explains the process of making deer jerky from ground venison. Learn how to cure and season the meat, and form it into shapes suitable for drying.

How To Make Ground Venison Jerky Here's a start to finish explanation that details how to go about making deer jerky out of ground venison. Seasoning, forming and dehydrating are covered on this page.

Making Deer Snack Sticks Learn to make deer snack sticks following this easy procedure.

How To Make Deer Jerky Learn how to slice the venison and how to marinate the jerky. You'll learn that some jerkys use a dry seasoning mix for flavor.

How To Dry Deer Jerky If it isn't dried, it isn't jerky. Learn how to use a dehydrator or an oven to dry your sliced or ground meat jerky. When it's dried to perfection, you'll know what to look for.

How To Smoke Venison Jerky Fire up the smoker to dry a batch of venison jerky. Adding the flavor or real wood smoke to jerky makes it something special. Temperature management is the key to smoking great deer jerky.

Other Venison Jerky Information

Deer Jerky Recipes An overview of jerky recipes and methods. You'll find info about making sliced meat jerky and ground meat jerky. Links to several of the main deer jerky pages are included here, too.

Venison Jerky Recipes This is the main page for jerky recipes and methods on the web site. Not every jerky page can be found here...many are linked to from other pages on the web site. This page is the starting point for exploring the how-to's of deer jerky and snack stix.

What Is Jerky? This answers the question, and gives some interesting information about the history of jerky through the ages.

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