Secret to Hunting US Army Corps Land

by Eric Priest

I decided to hunt the US Army Corps land around our local lake this year. In Oklahoma it is common for the Corps to own the first 100 yards of land around a lake and even larger areas surrounding flood plains or camping areas.

The corps also will usually make this land open for public hunting in specific areas. I was a little concerned about how many other hunters would be tring to hunt the same peace of ground that I picked out. So I decided to take my bass boat with me this year!

I used the boat ramp to put my boat in the water and drove to a spot that could only be gotten to by boat.

Now of course I was not the only hunter with this brilliant idea, but I had at least narrowed the competition. I found a spot where the corps had cut a cross fence to make it easier for the deer to pass through and even discovered a deer food plot.

Thank you US Army Corps for making this a graet hunt.

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