Out back Buck

by Louie
(Climax, MI)

17 pt non-typical MI Buck

17 pt non-typical MI Buck

I was hunting behind my house, on the 3rd day of the Michigan firearms deer season. I had spotted a buck early in the morning, just before legal shooting time. I was kinda happy of seeing a buck so soon, but I was kinda bummed out, too.

About an hour or so later, I spotted a larger buck walking down the same path the first buck had been on. I drew up on it, and waited until he got on a mowed area I keep cleared out, for burning brush. When he hit the mowed area, I mouth grunted to stop him. He immediately stopped and looked at me, and I pulled the trigger, hitting him on the right shoulder.

He took off like a freight train, mowing down a 2ft wide path, as he ran. In fact, he was running so hard, I started having doubts that I had hit him. I got up and found blood right away, and I went after him.

I found him piled up 65 yds later, when I got the surprise of my life. I started counting points, and recounting again. I counted 16 pts, then I phoned my wife. She asked me if I had gotten a deer. I replied "yes", "What'd you get?", "Buck", "How big is it?" then I said "Honey, this thing is big, it's got points all over the place, I'm up to 16 pts!" She then asked me if I was going to be ok. I replied that I would be fine.

Later, after getting it to the house and hosing out the carcass, I rechecked the rack and counted 17 legal points. This is my biggest buck ever. He has a 19" spread, 187 lbs field dressed.

After the 60 days drying period, I had the rack scored by Commemorative Bucks of Michigan. He grossed 173-3/8pts as a non-typical, and netted 165-1/8.

I know this buck was a gift from the Lord, and I am very thankful.

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Dec 08, 2009
Great story!
by: Eric Priest

Great story and HUGE deer to go with it. Our Oklahoma White tail look very small next to the monster you bagged.

Jul 06, 2009
congrats !
by: eric

Thats an awesome deer! Great pic, hope you had it mounted!!!

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