First Big Buck

by Cody
(GA. Atlanta)

Well my First Big Buck at my hunting club that we call the K.O club in GA Morgan County.

So one morning last day we went to a two person tree stand. At about 9:30am we saw some does and that was when they started to come out and we watched them until they walked away into the thick stuff.

Then about 11:00 my said he kind wanted to go in about 30 minutes and my uncle was talking to my grandma and after he got off the phone about 20 seconds later I saw a doe come out of the thick stuff and she was moving fast.

I said "there is a doe," and he is like "Where Where!" then I said "and there is a buck." Then my uncle made a grunt and he stopped and my uncle said "shoot it shoot it," and I shot it about 80 yards away.

We were highfiving and laughing. So we wated for about 30 minutes and climbed down and went to go look for it and couldn't find a single drop of blood and we walked about 30 yds from the camproad and looked down in a ditch and there it was... a big 8 pointer and I hit it in the heart through the shoulder.

And we went to the procesor because I was getting it mounted and he call me over and said" did you shoot this with a bazuka our something. And my dad said" no he shot it with a 25WSSM loaded hot."

Because my bolt hit the bone and broke it and so when my bolt hit the bone the plastic part like exploded and the other part went through.

And so that is my story about my First Big Buck.

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