Earnie's So Simple Pan Sausage

by Earnie Toombs
(Buchanan Dam, TX, USA)

I make about 150 lbs. of various venison sausages each year and through trial and error have stumbled upon this excellent recipe.

Use a 60%-40% ratio of venison (beef if you don't shoot too well) to pork. I use pork trimmings I buy at my local grocer but Boneless Boston Butt works quite well.

I use a seasoning mix sold by L'eggs Old Plantaion. If you can't find it locally it can be ordered on line at eldonsausage.com. One package will season 25 pounds of grind but I like to add about 1/3 of a bag extra.

Cut meat into grindable chunks and grind seperately through a coarse plate. Then mix meats and seasioning well and regrind through same plate.

Fry a pattie and see what you think. If it needs more seasoning add and mix well.

On last grind I stuff into plastic sausage bags that I buy from link above. The sausage will last longer in freezer in bags than in zip-locs. Mix can also be stuffed into hog or sheep casings for a type of bratwurst. I stuff these in 6" lengths.

You can mix in liquid smoke and run sausage directly out of stuffing tube to make little smokies. I have marked a cutting board with 3" marks. Kids love these.

I lay the first of the links on a strip of waxed paper then cover with a second strip. The next link goes on top and the third on bottom. Keep alternating. This makes it easy to remove what you want while they are frozen.

I like sage in my sausage but many don't so I make a batch for myself.

Wwhen I stuff into casings I make a batch with finely diced jalapenos or mild green chilis along with grated sharp cheddar cheese.

Experiment and enjoy!

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