Dutch Oven Venison

If you like really tender venison roasts, try this dutch oven venison. The venison roast is pit cooked with onions, celery and carrots, and ends up fork tender. The secret to this recipe is that the dutch oven is buried in hot coals underground for several hours.

Dutch Oven Venison Roast

First get the fire ready. Dig a fire pit two feet deep and three feet in diameter. Line the hole with a layer of rocks so it is about 18 inches deep. The rocks hold heat from the fire, helping cook the venison.

Build a fire in the pit. Burn a good strong fire for at least two hours to build up a goodly amount of coals.

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While the fire is burning, cut the venison roast into pieces that fit the dutch oven. Leave room in the dutch oven for the carrots and onions. Sear the venison to seal in the juices before putting it in the dutch oven.

Season the venison, the add it and the vegetables to the pot. Pour in one cup of strong beef boullion. Put the lid on the Dutch oven, and partially bury it in the hot coals. Cover the pit with a piece of sheet metal, then cover the metal with a layer of dirt.

After three hours, carefully remove the sheet metal and take out the pot. The venison will be falling apart tender.

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