Butterflied Venison Backstrap

It's what's inside that counts. And that goes for this butterflied venison backstrap recipe, too. Bite into this one and you'll find jalapeno peppers, cream cheese, onion and garlic.

This recipe was submitted by a reader from the Lone Star state. The combination of flavors sounds awesome.

Da Real Deal Backstrap

The ingredients include...

1 butterflied venison backstrap
Fresh garlic
Onion Slices
De-seeded jalapenos
Cream cheese
Dales Marinade
Pepper bacon
Black Pepper

Recipe Instructions...

Poke holes in the backstrap and then marinade it in the Dale's marinade for 20 minutes. Split the jalapenos lengthwise,remove the seeds, and fill with cream cheese and garlic. Put the peppers on the butterflied roast and cover them with the onion slices.

Wrap the butterfiled backstrap around the fillings, then wrap the entire backstrap with the peppered bacon, securing it with toothpicks.

Preheat your grill to high, and cook the backstrap on each side for one minute. Move it to the side of the heat, and brush on a warmed up paste of honey mixed with water and black pepper to the outside of the roast, applying evenly.

Grill until medium rare and eat.


Thanks for submitting this excellent recipe. I don't have any backstraps left, so I'm going to try this butterflied venison backstrap recipe with a pork loin instead. I think it'll work out pretty well.

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Butterflied Venison Backstrap

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