A Great Way to Start Deer Season

by Alexander Mann
(Blythewood, SC, USA)

Trophy of the year

Trophy of the year

It was opening day, in Blythewood, SC. It was early september and a cold front came through the night before.

I was using my new Pearson Z-32 compound bow sitting on a nice path way I cut for the deer in the summer. The deer got used to traveling this path very often, and I got many pictures of big bucks using it. But one inparticular one... A very nice 6 pointer, probly 180 lbs that my neighbor had shot and grazed on the ear a couple seasons back. His ear could not stand, it would just flop down like an old bluetick.

I started the season not expecting much too early. But I was wrong... Sitting on that path at about 7:15 her I am just waiting. Nothing! Until I saw tips of antler moving along the tall grass.

There he was, he came out at about 75 yards and started eating C-mere deer I put out the day before. And that where he stayed for about 2 hours.

I was getting ready and nervous. I decided to try and stalk this deer through the wetlands. So I crawled out of my blind, onto my stomach, and started to army crawl through the mud and water. I got within 25 yards and raised to my knees and went to full draw... He lifted his head and I let it fly, hit him alittle far back, but he didnt go far.

Come to find out, my rage broadhead went through both ribs, both lungs and into his right shoulder. I got my trophy!

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