9 Point Buck

by Tony Oxendine
(Mooresville NC)

9 Point  Buck  Bow Kill

9 Point Buck Bow Kill

My father in law and I sat up a 16 foot ladder stand for rifle season in mooresville nc. I decided I would go over and bow hunt it one morning.

I was in way before day light and could see movement but was not able to shoot just yet. When it was daylight, i counted five mature bucks come out in front of me and cross the creek. I thought they were too far away to shoot, about 45 yards. Thats a long way in the woods, with all the tree branches and bushes.

I did not shoot that morning. I went back that evenig and I said to myself if the deer cross in front of me again, I was going to shoot.

At 6:40 pm I seen a deer come down and cross the creek and I could tell he was a mature buck. I watched him turn to my left and slowly walk, eating as he went.

I picked a place to shoot through and when he got to it I let the arrow fly. The buck jumped and arched and I knew it was a good hit. He ran off to the left like he was heading and cut through the trees and came back toward my stand.

He was very unsteady on his feet and he fell within 15 yards of my stand. When he was down he was still breathing and kicking. I did not want him to get up and run off so I stuck him again.

When I finally got down I was blown away. This was a 4/12 year old buck. 9 pointer that weighed about 210 lbs. My best deer ever and to think that I got him with a bow.

The first shot on the deer was right on the money, behind the last rib on the left and out the right front of the lung. Did not need the second shot but it was insurance.

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Jan 01, 2010
very nice buck
by: bernard bartz

I have taken many bucks yours look like the one i got in 2001

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