1st Buck

by Erick

Nice 9 Point

Nice 9 Point

Oct 31, first day of youth season, we seen it aboout 150 yards from the ridge we were on. We crawled about 50 to 75 yards from it. He was looking straight at us.

She took a deep breath lined up the crosshairs and pulled the trigger. Miss. She reloaded and lined up again and pulled the trigger.

I heard a thud and he jumped the fence. We walked down to where he was and looked for signs of a hit but nothing, so we crossed the fence where he went over and found a little blood. Then after about every 10 yards we seen a few drops.

This went on up and down ditches for about 600 yards. We came out of a ditch to a beanfield and she said there he is and then he laid down.

What a site he was bigger than i thought. She was so excited to get her first buck kill.

What a trophy buck for a 12 year old first kill.

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