Corned Venison

by Remi Slabbinck
(Casco , MI U.S.A)

Corned Venison


5- Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick (it is a curing salt for meat)
can be found at Meijer in a 2 # bag

2- Tbsp. Brown sugar

1- Tbsp. Black pepper

1- Tbsp. Allspice

½- Tbsp. Paprika

1- Tbsp. Garlic powder

8 to 10 Crushed bay leaves

4 to 6 lbs of venison, (the round or sirloin cut would be good).

(You could also try using a beef brisket??)


Trim all fat from meat. Mix all the spices together. Place the meat in a zip lock bag and pour spices over meat coating meat on all sides. Refrigerate meat for 5 days for each inch of meat thickness. Make sure you rub the meat in the bag every day for no more than 14 days. Boil meat for 1-1/2 to 3 hours or until tender. Making sure meat is always covered with water. Slice thin, and enjoy.

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