Armored Cars Make an appearance in Dubai Market

Dubai is one of the biggest economic centres in the world and the people who arrive daily through the gates of the international airports in Dubai range from the budget traveller to the local Sheikh and from the family on their way to the local theme parks to the ultra-rich billionaire who is going to sign a deal on behalf of a multibillion dollar multinational conglomerate. With all kinds of people arriving in the city everyday there are many kinds of transportation that are used by the various people. However when the ultra-wealthy and the mega rich want to travel around in the golden city of Dubai they opt for the best and the safest cars that money can buy. These are ultra-safe bullet proof limousines and the humungous Humvees. It is common sight to see these cars being driven around the city.

Used cars on the market

However as more and more people buy these cars, there are some who do not use them, or some who just move away and taking the car with them is too much of a hassle. So these guys just sell their cars in Dubai or they put them up for sale in Dubai themselves. As the number of such people has grown in the recent years a market of bullet proof cars has sprung up the city of Dubai in the recent years. Now a day’s armoured cars for sale are common in the golden city and many people buy these to travel around.

Used Car parts on the market

With more and more people buying up the used cars there is a market for the car parts as well. This means that more and more people re going to use the cars and get them repaired. One thing that Dubai has seen in the recent years is that the bullet proof cars that were once used by the Ultra-rich are now in the hands of the common man, so there have been some small incidents when the car went out of control. The reason for this is that driving a bullet proof car is quite different from driving any other car and the added weight alone, makes the car a bit cumbersome.

Give it a try

If you are in the area and you want to try this, then all you have to do is to find some car dealer that will let you go for a test drive in one. Test driving luxury cars is common in the city, so if you are savvy enough to convince a dealer that you are genuinely interested in the car, you may be able to go for a spin in one. Another way is to look around for car rentals that have bulletproof cars, and then you can just hire one for your trip.