5 Myths About Power Of Attorney

The power of attorney (POA) is a powerful document that grants the agent an authority to do something, depending on what is transpired and written in the document. But a lot of people have misconception about this document and its use.

To avoid further misconception about drafting power of attorney in Dubai, it would be best to know the myths that surrounds this document and the truth behind them:

  • Legally incompetent individuals can sign a POA


One of the most common misconceptions about power of attorney is that anyone can just draft and sign this document. The truth is, power of attorney should be executed by a person who have knowledge of the legal process and have the capacity to sign papers. Asking for power of attorney for someone else just because their loved one is sick will not be honored and granted. The reason behind granting power of attorney should be detailed on the document.


  • POA from internet is okay for use


The good thing about the internet is, you can get anything from it. But it can be considered as a bad news, especially for legal documents. There are disadvantages on using power of attorney from internet samples. For one, the power of attorney samples are outdated and ambiguous. It also lacks the important authorities and legal details needed to make it a well-written legal document.


  • It can be used for anything


Another misconception about power of attorney that should be quashed is that this document can be used for anything. Agents of power of attorney are given limited powers to act on behalf of the principal. As stated, their actions will be limited by the scope of power of attorney and actions should be executed for the best interest of the principal, not the agent.


  • This document is standard


This is the reason why power of attorney should be drafted by a legal professional, rather than copying the sample from the internet. Not many people know this but there are two types of power of attorney – the general and the special power of attorney. General power of attorney refers to a document that can grant all powers to an agent but with specific instructions from the principal. Special power of attorney, on the other hand, is specifically drafted with limited powers to execute.


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