Well He shouldn't of looked up at me Son

by Donald
(Raeford N.C.)

I was in Ohio hunting with my son, Just outside of a small town Batavia..

We are fortunate to hunt a small private farm there, It belonged to My daughter in laws Grand Mother Shirley.

After getting there on a Friday late From N.C. i only had time to hunt in the fixed ladder stand we keep around the edge of a field. That evening before setting in the stand I set a trail cam up behind me near a fresh scrape, we captured a nice 6 pointer on the camera but we knew there were better deer in the area.

That next morning we got to the farm early and slipped into our stands, again i was in the ladder stand.. After hearing deer behind me and my son seeing deer leading up to the trail behind the ladder stand I decided to set my tree lounge climbing stand up in the hardwoods behind the ladder stand. I found what looked like a good spot to be in in the morning we left the stand in the tree ready to climb.

We came back the next morning, My Son Chris slipped into a lockon stand below the main trail the scrapes were on and I had no problem getting into the treelounge. Oh Oh when i climbed up in to the tree i realized that there was still alot of tree limbs and branches in my way, with a bow this could be a very big problem, to late to move the stand also I didn't want to make anymore noise than i already did getting into stand, so I left myself with a couple of short shooting lanes and windows to shoot through.

After about an hour i see a big doe with a bigger Buck trailing it and the two of them making there way to the the ladder stand in the Field.. Oh well there's my chance, should of been in the ladder stand I thought.

well after about 10 minutes here comes another buck he makes the trail to the scrape and leaves his mark in it 35 yards out and no shooting lane, he leaves that spot makes his way around the ladder stand in the same direction as the other 2 deer then he turns to his right and walks along the edge of the field to another scrape, leaves his mark there and crosses the small creek to my son's empty stand. He is in his buddies stand at the bottom of the ridge where i am hunting.

NOw I take a Doe bleat can and turn it a couple of times, the buck heads toward me but hangs up at the creek 30 yards in front of me, does not cross the creek, and to many tree limbs in the way for a shot that long.

During this whole process i have a small video camera and taking some video also juggling camera call and bow in my treelounge, what a great stand to hunt out of.

Well i grabbed a rattling bag hit it twice and the buck crossed the creek and stopped 15 yards from me angling to the right, having only a small window to shoot through I take the shoot WHACK ohoh not good I hit a tree limb, but the buck ran tumbled and tripped crossing the creek, I hear him crash on the other side of the creek. Good I thought I got lucky and had a good shot anyway.

Well my son finally makes it to me and we start the tracking Job where i shot the Buck. No Arrow and Just a drop of Blood, Ohoh might not be a good shot after All.

Getting that bad feeling deep in my gut as we tracked a little farther we find more blood and when we crossed the creek we saw where he tripped crossing over a log, Now the blood trail is good enough for a blind man to follow looks like someone throwing it out of a bottle.

Another 50 yrds there he is, a 8 pointer nothing spectacular but a good deer for a N.C. Bow. as we walked to it my son tapping everything I grab the Horns to raise his head up and shock and saw the Arrow had deflected off that limb and went strait down his throat,

My son says to me ( DAD YOU SHOT HIM IN THE THROAT ) and without a beat i say to my son Well Chris he shouldn't of been looking up at me.

I love The great sport of hunting and sometimes the deer win and sometimes the Hunter wins. this time luck was in my favor and I won. I was happy to retreive this deer and the time spent hunting with my son can never be replaced.

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