venison hash

by Louie

Deer neck

2 medium potatoes

one small onion


Optional: 1 can of cream of mushroom soup

I use the neck. The meat is very tender. Boil the neck very slowly for about an hour. This really depends on the size of the neck, I have cooked them for up to 3 hours.

Take the meat of off the neck, it will be stringy. Cut the meat up into bite size pieces. If you do not have a neck you can use a ham that you might have cooked the day before as a roast.

Use some of the broth that you have in the pot where you boiled it, about 2 1/2 cups. cut up one small onion. Cut up 2 medium size potatoes. Add flour to make a gravy. Put the lid on and let this continue to cook, SLOWLY. I have also used a can of crem of mushroom soup in this also. If you choose to use this, just pour this in now.

I like to put it on rice. My son loves it in a bowl with nothing else.

y family loves this. Anytime I make this, there are NO LEFTOVERS.

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