Venison Cooking for Beginners

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Though the meat is considered healthier compared to others, some may not find venison too convenient to prepare. On the other hand, this doesn't mean that you should give up considering venison in your one of your meals; even a kitchen newbie can manage to create simple yet delectable dishes using the ingredient.

Simplest Way to Cook Venison

If you're not very confident about your cooking skills, you can start off with grilling. Grilled meat is everybody's favorite, and making grilled venison and vegetables will surely make a picnic worth remembering. Just be sure to cut the meat in fillet cuts and cook them in high heat. This will make the grilling process faster and easier. When using venison as burgers and still using the same cooking process, you don't need to cook the patties as well done as those beef burger patties. Venison meat is best if cooked at a medium level.

Note that venison may have a small amount of fat even in the lean part. Since there is less fat covering, the meat has the tendency to be overcooked too easily. As much as possible, do not leave the meat while grilling; every minute can cause changes in the tenderness and taste.

At times, you may have a difficulty removing or flipping the meat to the other side. To prevent the meat from sticking, you may brush a little oil to your grill. This acts as a "lubricant" when cooking and will not affect the taste of the grilled ingredient.

There are so many ways on how to cook venison; you can practically make use of the other meat recipes and utilize venison instead. Now, being a beginner in the kitchen is not an excuse anymore to make a simple, healthy, and delicious meal for your family.

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