"Tin Foil Turtles" ( Great for having the kids participate)

by Michael DeRosa
(New Castle, PA)

Take two sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil and set one atop the other. Spray the center of the top sheet with pam or equivalent non stick cooking spray.

Slice a potato and layer on center of foil then season and place a pad of butter on top.

Next a burger (venison, beef, sausage etc.) on top of the potatoes. Take the two side ends of the foil and bring together over the top and tightly roll down till snug over burger. Next roll one open end and form into the shape of a turtle head and the other the turtles tail.

Be sure to have the head and tail somewhat facing up to avoid leaking and flare-up's. Pull some embers to the side and make a nest in the middle for your turtle and place it in. You can pull fresh embers over the top as needed.

Usually will take aproximately 20 to 30 min. depending on the temp. Kids really love to participate and are more likely to clean their plate by doing so. Enjoy!

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