Teriyaki Jerky

by Joshua Manco
(Ky, USA)

1/8- tsp. black pepper

1/2- tsp. meat tenderizor (or salt, never both)

1/2- tsp. onion powder

2 - Tbs. brown sugar

1/4- Cup. soy sauce

1/4- Cup. Worcestershire sauce

1 - Clove of Garlic crushed

1 - Bottle of liquid smoke

Keep your jerky thin, slices around 1/4" thick. Mix this recipe with approx. 1 lb of meat. Marinate for 8 to 24 hours. Preferably 24. Put jerky in dehydrator for six hours. Rotate jerky from bottom to top every two hours to evenly dry all your meat.

This is my own Recipe and I have perfected it over the last 4 years. Everyone loves it!!! So enjoy the compliments From your family and freinds.

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