Sweet Venison Breakfast Sausage

by Mark Theilemann
(Galway, NY USA)

5-lbs vennison trimmed

2-lbs pork trimmings
3-tblspoons granulated garlic
3-tblspoons salt
2-tblspoons black pepper
3-tblspoons nutmeg
12-tblspoons light or dark brown sugar

Cube venison and pork and add all seasonings mixing well by hand in a large pan or container then refrigerate for 24 to 48 hours. Remove from frige and prepare to grind, if using casings soak them for an hour in cold water then rinse three times to remove salt then place on grinder and fill them as you grind making sure not to overfill and twist into links as desired, if your not using casings just grind. Ready either method for freezing.

I origanlly came across a recipe from a friend and
then altered it to my liking about 5 years ago and ever since my family and friends bug me for sausage every hunting season, so try it, and I hope you enjoy!!!

Corona Mark

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