Sweet and sour meatballs (crockpot)

by Lauren Brumbaugh
(Brooklyn, Md)

1. Make your meatballs. I like to add a package of loose sage sausage to the ground deer.

Mix in 2 eggs and
1 bag cubed bread crumbs. ( I like the cubed as they absorb the sauce flavor into the meatball)
Season with salt,pepper, worchershire
Add chopped onion if desired.

Bake in oven on cookie sheet at 350 untill done. Turn once when bottoms brown.
Add to crockpot sauce.

Sauce..1 can spaghetti sauce and

2 cups bar-b-q sauce

1 cup grape jelly

1 can cranberry sauce

Heat to boil and serve..great over rice.

My "I dont eat deer meat" friends rave over this one.


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