Spanish Cheese Recipes



» 12 Endive lettuce leaves
» Don Gonzalo cheese , 150 gr
» Cream , 150 gr
» Salt

Endive lettuce is a type of chicory used in salads. It has become quite popular in recent years. It is important to wash it properly before using it, but never leave it to soak in water, as if you do, the bitter taste of the endive will be accentuated and it will not be as appetising.

This dish is not only perfect for accompanying appetisers, but also elegant and tasty.

First of all, separate the leaves and wash them. Then place them on the dish or platter on which the appetisers are served.

Don Gonzalo cheese is soft and creamy, and is the main ingredient in this recipe. Strip the herb coating from the cheese and mix the cheese with the cream until it acquires a fine consistency. Add a little salt to taste and place the cream on each of the endive lettuce leaves.

Lastly, decorate the leaves by placing the fine herbs you removed from the cheese on each one.

And that’s that! A simple dish that is ideal as a starter or for accompanying cocktails.

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