Skillet Fried Venison Steak

by Johnny Burns
(Ramer, Tennessee)

Being from the South I have been convinced that if it is to be good eating it must be fried. This is my recipe for tender venison steaks.

Preparing the meat:

Begin by cutting away all parts of the steak until it is pure lean. Pass the meat through a tenderizer or tenderize with a mallet.

Refrigerate for a few days for aging purposes. Soak in salty water for at least 24 hours. Drain and place in a bowl and cover with sweet milk for about 30 minutes. Remove from bowl and pat dry.

Mix flour, seasoned salt and crushed red pepper to taste.

Heat enough cooking oil to the depth of the steaks. Batter and fry. Heat needs to be medium high until crusted over on both sides. Reduce heat to medium and cook until done.

Remove and place on platter with paper towels and salt moderately. Enjoy!

Tenderized venison steaks



seasoned salt

crushed red pepper


cooking oil

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