simple venison jerky

by Marlin Galloway
(Grinnell, Ia USA)

3-5 lb venison roast or wimilar cut

1/8 or 3/16" thick 3" long
2 TBS Garlic Powder
2TBS black pepper
1 TBS sugar
1 TBS meat tenderiser
1-2 tsps cayene pepper or to taste

Mix in large bowl by hand thoroughly
add meat to mix again mix thoroughly by hand
Add teriyaki sauce and soy sauce until meat is soaked NOT DRIPPING

Cover and place in fridge overnight 6-12hrs
I use an elec dehydrarer with 5 trays
Place meat on trays so they don't overlap

Run 12-18hrs or until crisp. Rotating trays 3-4 hrs.

Also works well with beef

Marlin G Grinnell, Ia

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