Revolver Buck

by Steve
(Perkinstown WI)

My son challenged me to use my Smith & Wesson 41 Magnum revolver to hunt this year's WI deer gun season. I scouted for a spot to hunt in the Chequamegon National Forest. I found a good looking spot, near a creek with a ridge on one side and a swamp on the other side.

I found the spot where the deer cross the creek and located myself on the edge of the swamp. This gave me a clear shooting lane at the creek crossing about 30 yards.

Opening morning was a chilly 17 degrees with clear skies. I walked into my spot 3/4's of a mile in from the road. I dressed light and packed in my chair a wool blanket because of the long walk in. I arrived at my spot at 6:45 AM and got myself set.

At dawn I heard a few shots in my area, but nothing too close. I sat until 8:20 without seeing a thing and started to get chilled. So I decided to get out my blanket and warm up. I just got comfortable when I heard some crunching of leaves. There he came, a spike buck crossing the creek, turned and walked straight toward me.

He got to about about 40 feet from me and stopped when he saw me. I didn't move a muscle. Then he turned broadside, took a few steps, and stopped when he got behind a tree.

This gave me my one and only chance to get my revolver up to aim. He then stepped out from behind the tree and gave me a perfect 30ft broadside shot. I took aim and shot.

It knocked him off his legs landing sideways. That buck never got up. I could not have planned it any better. It was a great experience and I plan on doing it again.

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