Red Wine Jerky

About one bottle of cheap Red Wine per 5 lbs of meat. (It just needs to cover all the meat.)

Your Favorite Seasoning

Slice the meat about 1/4 inch thick, and remove as much fat and grissle as you can.

Put the meat in a ziplock, or a bowl and cover with red wine. Soak in red wine for a day or two.

Drain the wine but don't drink it. Then coat the meat with whatever spices you want. Salt is important to cure the meat so you definately need that, but any other spices are up to your particular taste. Pepper, and dry spices like garlic powder are best. Just make sure you use a fairly good amount of salt.

Put the meat back in a ziplock or bowl for another day or two.

Dry it in a dehydrator until it's almost hard. Don't overdry it like leather boots. The meat should just give a little when you squeeze it between your fingers. Not mushy, and not hard, but something in between.


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