Preseasoned Loin or Small Boneless Raost

by Mick
(Cedar Grove, Wv)

I invented this recipe while cutting a deer up. What I "normally" do with venison (or beef) steaks is clean off all the sinew and fat. Sprinkle Adolph's Tenderizer, McCormic's Garlic Pepper Blend, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Lawry's and Oregano evenly over one side of all the meat.

Using a fork, poke the meat to death!! I mean BEAT IT!! with the fork!! What I do is take about 4 or 5 quality plastic forks...line them up and tape them together. Poke the meat until you think it's too much....then poke it about 2 more minutes....especially if it's and old tough deer. Flip the meat over and repeat. Now that you have both sides evenly seasoned and's actually ready to cook...BUT!!!!!!!

How about freezing it seasoned and tenderized!!!!! First I wrap the meat in celifain or put it in zip-lock bags and sqeeze out ALL of the air. Then I wrap it in freezer paper. Thaw out the meat before you get ready to cook.

"Fire up the Grill!!!" Build the fire to one side of the grill. I use charcoal to get it going then I add some wood...either Hickory or Apple seems to be the best. Let it get going then close the lid so the smoke action starts. Sear on each side just a minute or so....depends on how hot your fire is.

Once the meat is seared good (but not too much) take it off the "direct heat" and move it over to "indirect heat". Let the smoking action cook it slowly.

A good way to tell it's done is to use the "hand" technique. A medium-rare piece of meat will feel just like the cushiony part of the bottom of your thumb. Medium will feel more like the center of your palm..a little more solid and tight.

If you want to get REAL good with this... cook a whole pack of bacon on a George Foreman Grill (trust me it's the only way to fix bacon). Put your venison in a "GOOD" quality zip-lock freezer bag then pour the bacon grease from the George drip-pan into the zip-lock too and squeeze out ALL of the air. Let it marinate over-night and then put it on the grill...searing each side then smoking it.

Just remember that bacon grease is real flamable so be careful there. Don't burn the outside while searing. Bacon and deer meat are a match made in Heaven! BELIEVE ME!!!!

Then just fix your favorite sides to go with it and you're good ta go!

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