Orange Sesame Ginger Steaks

by Tim McDonough

Orange Sesame Ginger Steaks

I whipped this up bored one afternoon.

2 venison flank steaks (remove all silver membrane and fat)

1/2 bottle of Asian Sesame Ginger Salad dressing

2 large sweet oranges

1 tsp of fresh ground pepper

2 cloves of garlic minced

Juice 1 orange, cut the other into wheels, juice the left over ends

Mix Juice, dressing, pepper and garlic in a zip top bag (Vacume sealer if you have it works best)

Put the 2 steaks flat in the marinade bag and lay the orange wheels on top of the steaks. Smooth out the air and zip closed. Let it marinate over nite

Grill or broil on top of the orange slices to prevent blackening. The kids love this recipe.

We usually make a quick fried rice for a side dish.



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