Opening day drama.

by Juddy
(Wrightsville, Georgia)

Well deer season had just opened in south Gerogia, and I as ready for action. Dad bought me a new savage 30-06 and I knew that gun was just as excited as I was.

The morning air was chilling to my face as I proceded to my S-10 pickup around 4 in the morning. It was a good day to harvest a deer indeed. I had to drive through my home town to reach my destitation, a town so small that if you blinked you would not ever know you went through it.

That morning I decided to take the back rode that goes behind the feed mill to avoid red lights. Bad idea. As I was coming to the stop sign that was located directly behind a grain bin something hit my driver door with a force that felt like a train.

Glass showered my face and entered my mouth. The whole truck lifted off the ground probably an inch or two. I was so stunned. glass was embed in my face due to the force of the blow. I came to my senses and managed to kick my door open and got out. Then I saw it...

A doe that had to have weighed 200 pounds was dragging herself out of the road trying to escape. Oh hell no I said to my self, as I reached for my 30-06. I fired two shots into her after which I heard sirens from a police car.

The officer asked me why did discharge my weapon in town, I told him that I didn't want the animal to suffer, "for what" he said, "look at my truck" I told him. "oh" the officer stated with utter shock.

I left the deer for the officer to deal with because it was battered up pretty badly. and besides I was still going hunting that morning.

I finally got to my stand that morning. I had my gun ready and eyes pealed, hoping my luck would change. And then out of woods I saw antlers first then the massive creature that wore them, wow what a deer, ten points at least. definitly the largest deer I have ever seen.

I leveled my rifle and put the cross hairs right in the sweet spot. Then I squeezed the trigger, yet nothing happened as it shouldn't for I had left a spent shell in the chamber.

The majestic buck turned and was gone. That doe ruined my truck and the chance for a buck of a life time.

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