oak smoked venison

by Jon Patterson
(Gastonia, N.C.)

My recipe is dead simple. Just take your venison ham, back strap or tenderloin, trim off the fat, membrane, or gristle.

Cover the bottom of a pan or sheet with Lowry's Seasoning salt, lemon pepper, and Spicey Montreal steak seasoning.

Place your cuts of meat in the pan or sheet and apply the same mixture to the top of the meat. Make sure the entire surface of your venison gets covered with the seasoning.

Put your venison on your smoker, keep your temperature around the 225F mark, and keep some medium sized pieces of oak handy. Make sure they've been soaked in water. Put your oak pieces in early on, and leave the meat on for an hour or so, obviuosly depending on the cut, smaller tenderloins take less time than whole hams.

Watch the meat, and don't let it get dry on the outside. You can baste it with butter if you like. Make sure you baste yourself with plenty of your favorite beer.

I check whole hams, or roasts once they've been on an hour or so, but I like my venison rare. You may want to adjust your time to suit your taste.

One word here. Most of you probably already know this, but if you serve the venison the next day, it's best to eat it cold. A microwave ruins the taste of venison.

Enjoy with a fresh garden salad, or take the sliced venison to work to munch on, much to the envy of your non-hunting friends.

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