Nugent Recipes

by Dave

Can't take the fame this is a Ted Nugent Special, Especially goooood.


6 inches of back strap butterfly and split (nothing else taste as good)

Medium onion

Three small mushrooms(optional)

Two green peppers

Pint of Heavy whipping cream

Medium tomato

Two medium sweet pickles

Prep: Chop onion, green peppers and mushrooms. Dice tomato and pickles.

Place back straps in frying pan with little olive oil, searing the outsides. Pull and place to finish cook. I usually place in small oven or microwave just to get out of my way.

Next place the chopped onion, pepper and mushroom in the SAME pan to sauté. I add salt and pepper for taste along with garlic seasoning.

Once that is sauted, here comes the weird but good stuff, pour the heavy whipping cream over the sautéed mix and bring to almost a boil. Once it just shows signs of starting to boil add the tomatoes and pickles (you can use a sweet relish).

Stir until you feel the tomatoes and pickles are getting warm (judgment call).

Place the back straps on plate and ladle the sauce over them………………………enjoy.

Serve with a side salad and baked potato, perfect for two.



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