My first true deer hunt

by Michael Bolton
(East Texas)

It was the first day of hunting season for me and my uncle. At 6, I arrived at my uncles house, not up for hunting, just to hang with my uncle and friends, talkin about my first insight with deer.

At my age of 37 with my b-day passing, i just was not into it . But on another subject, we arrived at the site about 6:45 and i walked up on 3 does who saw me, but i never saw them, lol.

So just my luck i was about to call it a day and look at it as a should of, could of day . But as i took 4 steps to my stand i saw a buck and doe grazing and i knew it was now or never.

As i raised my rifle up to make sure it was a deer and not my mind playin tricks on me. The buck stood lookin at me and i aimed my rifle at him and pulled the trigger firing in some thick brush.

Waiting to see if he had been hit i turned to my stand thinking i had missed, when i heard 2 loud crash sounds. Not knowing what to look for i walked over to where the buck was and saw a trail of blood and then putting 2 and 2 together, i followed the trail of blood until i got lost about 3 times.

Until i looked to my left and saw my first buck that i killed. Jumping all around, i called my unc,say i got 1, i got 1 at7:00.

This will not be the last time i hunt with my uncle or bessie my 30-30. And just think, i was scared my first time i went into the woods and hear a deer grunt and snort. Joke was on me, now it's on my uncle, cause now i'm a hunter. Thanks uncle greg for being there on my first hunt.

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