Mighty Mick's - Backstrap Marinade

by Paul McHenry
(Gainesville, VA)

I made this recipe up years ago and converted my Dad from a venison hater. My picky eater kids also love it. They now annually drain my backstrap supply which now requires me to fill all my tags!

1 C. Merlot (drinking quality)
1/4 C Dried Unsweetened Cranberries
1 tsp Ancho chili powder
1 clove garlic (smashed, not diced/sliced)
1 Pinch dried, crushed rosemary
Corsely ground black pepper
1/4 Tsp Chinese Black Soy Sauce
1 Pinch brown sugar

- Marinate whole backstrap for 24 hours
- Drain from marinade and pat dry
- Season with sea salt and pepper
- Grill until rare/medium rare
- Slice thinly
- Possible side dishes:
*roasted potatoes/turnips *parsnip puree with roasted garlic *sauteed wild mushrooms w/ shallots,parsley and madeira wine

Tip: The key is to properly age and butcher the meat (I do my own). Never touch the meat after you have skinned unless you have thoroughly washed hands. I have separate gloves for skinning and butchering.

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