hickory log venison

I went to an ole black fellas rib roast a few years back.... Let me tell ya something those are the best ribs on the planet and i like to think i know my ribs. After some beers and ribs we started talking about hunting he told me that there was nothing better on earth then venison cooked the same way as he cooks the ribs. Now every year i go over there about 3 hrs early and we cook venison as the ribs roast. and before anyone else shows up.

what you would need....

A fire built with hickory

a clean grate about 20 inches above hickory coals

makes sure there is a nice light white smoke

Let that roast or backstrap sit on the grate whole the bigger the better for an hour or so.... Season with Chyanne and salt and pepper after searing both sides
cook till inside of meat hits 145.

Slice and eat venison at the grill do not need a fancy meal with this. Now we dip it in the rib sauce which i will never post out of fear for my friendship... But its great either way

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