Hamlin 6439's Deer Jerky

by Hamlin 6439
(Zwolle, Louisiana, USA)

Mark Litton's Deer Jerky.

I have been making this deer jerky for 12 years. You may modify as you wish.

1. Remove as much of the velum on the meat as you like. (need I say keep it clean) Grind the meat course and only once.

2. Weigh the meat and put in a large bowl.

3. To each pound of ground meat add the following ingredients:

a. 1/4 tsp ground black pepper.

b. 1/4 tsp ground white pepper.

c. 1/4 tsp ground red pepper.

d. 1 tablespoon of Tony Chacheres Cajun Seasoning.

e. 3 tablespoons of dark brown sugar
(it won't be too sweet)

4. Mix ingredients with ground deer meat throughly.

5. Cover a flat pan-- preferably a perforated pizza pan or cookie sheet with wax paper.

6. Pat the deer meat mixture on to the pan in a 1/4" layer. Dampen your hands with water to keep the mix from sticking. Pan size is not important as long as it fits in your oven.

7. Set your oven on the lowest setting and place the prepared sheet on the top rack. Leave the door on the oven ajar--If you close the oven door it will get too hot and cook the mix. Deer jerky should be dried not cooked. After about three hours the upper side of the jerky mix will be dry to touch. Lift the jerky sheet from the pan, remove the wax paper and discard. Put the dry side of the jerky down on the pan and place it back in the oven. After about three more hours both sides will be dry on both sides and the jerky will be as one large sheet. I take the semi-dry sheets of jerky and put them in a cool smoker for about two hours. After they smoke its back in the warm oven until dry as you like. The jerky can be cut with kitchen shears into the size strip you like and stored in freezer bags. They do not need refigeration.

Remember. Do not grind the Deer meat fine.
Do not cook the jerky--it should be dried.

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