Grilled Teriyaki Medallions with Bacon

by Darren
(Washington, MO)

This is a great way to grill venison tenderloin.

5 lbs of whole tenderloin

2 cups of soy sauce

1 med sized garlic clove

2 tblsp of brown sugar

1 lb of bacon

Cut tenderloin into 1"+ thick medallions. Combine soy sauce, pressed garlic (minced is fine if you don't have a press) and brown sugar into a gallon freezer bag with medallions. Marinate 24 hours.

Cook bacon half way and wrap a strip around medallions holding together with toothpicks or kabob sticks (soak sticks ahead of time) and place on direct grill heat for 5-7 minutes each side.

I like mine a little on the rare side so cook accordingly. My kids eat this stuff up (especially with the bacon). Obviously for lighter fare, skip the bacon.

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