Grilled Roast Venison

by Dan Connolly
(Elkhorn, Nebraska)

This is a recipe that I have developed over time (the last 10-12 years), based upon how I grill my venison steaks. We do this dozens of times each summer on Sunday afternoons for the evening meal.

Cooking time varies based upon the size of the roast and is a critical element in achieving a tremendously delicious roast. Experience with your grill, the size of fire you build, and the way you like your meat will allow the cook to develop a personal preference for making this vension dish. I use a stop watch to time the cooking for each side.The same applies to steaks, 4 minutes per side for a 3/4 inch thick steak.


One Venison Roast (size is your choice)

Seasoning Salt (or your favorite rub)

Marinade (made in a large container or plastic bag that can be sealed)

Beer to cover roast

1 Bay leaf

1 glug of whiskey (pick your favorite)

4 tablespoons of Teriyaky Sauce


Thaw roast, prick roast with a fork all around. Place in marinade container, blend marinade and seal, refridgerate overnight. Turn once in a while to insure even exposure to marinade.

Build charcoal fire in grill (weber).
While coals are coming up to cooking readiness, drain roast in collander (5 minutes).
Place roast in empty clean bowl and apply seasoning salt (or rub)covering entire roast.

Place roast on grill, directly over the fire, apply small amount of wood chips to coals. Apply lid to grill.

Cook 4 minutes per side for each 3/4 inch of roast thickness with cover on grill, vent open maximum. Example: 3 inch thick roast - 12 to 16 minutes per side. Turn roast over until total estimated time elapsed.

Cut roast and check doneness. Roast should be red in center, pink around center, may still exude some pink blood. Rare (but not raw)is much better than "cooked", as cooked will yield toughness and little flavor.

Remove roast from grill, and let rest 5 minutes, then slice in serving sized portions. You should be able to eat with a fork and table knife, no steak knife required.

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