Grilled Garlic Venison Steaks

by Peter Clay
(Cambridge, MN USA)

I came up with this recipe by accident when the lid came off the garlic poweder shaker but i love it. The flavor the comes from grilled garlic powder is wonderful.


venison steaks (any kind will work).

Garlic powder


First i like to soak my venison in water for a little while to get most of the blood out.

Next take the steaks and either use a mallet to tenderize or a fork you can just poke a bunch of holes in it.

Now take the garlic powder and coat each side of the steaks. The more garlic powder you use the more garlic taste you get. (I prefer mine to be well coated almost white). Sprikle some pepper on if you prefer.

Now add the steaks to a hot grill and cook them to your prefered doneness.

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