Great New Zealand Red Stag 18 points

by Duncan Kerr
(New Zealand)

My friend had taken a managers job at a farm 4hrs drive from my place , so i thought i would take a trip to see him and as always the trusty 7mm08 came for the trip .

I got to Stus at about 3pm . We decided that we should probably waste no time and jump on the quad go to the back of the farm 4500acres , to see if we could see some deer . It was decided that we wouldnt shoot any hinds just stags . Of corse because of that we saw close to 25 does just driving up .

Walking around the native bush for a couple of hours trying to find a stag and it was starting to get dark , then out of the corner of my eye , some movement. I raised my rifle to see throu the scope what it was , I had to look again 18point red stag approx 160m away !

I raised my rifel again and let rip he lurched foward and crashed into the manuka bushes in frount of him . The valley we were then in erupted with hinds going everywhere.

We got him to the bike and as we were loading up stu slowly reached for his gun , i woundered what he was doing . He aimed pulled the trigger and we had another stag . An 8 point fellow deer .
Back to stus to hang them then a few ales to selebrate.

What a great day!!!
Come hunt New Zealand.

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