Fat Boyz Deer Wraps

i take my venison backstrap and age it in a ziplock in the frig for about 5 days. then i take it out and with a sharp fillet knife i remove all of the silver skin and fat untill i have a beautiful, clean backstrap! then i cut it into about 1/4" thick slices across the grain and put them in another ziplock. then i pour equal amounts of allegros marinade and itallian dressing over them and toss it in the frig for a couple hrs. then i take them and put a clump of cream cheese and a slice of pickled jalapeno on them. roll em up and wrap em with bacon (i use wright thick sliced bacon)then stick a tooth pick thru em and throw em on a hot grill and cook till the bacon is done!!!! i think ANYONE will love this recipe! enjoy

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