Deer Dip

by David
(Independence, VA)

1 lb Venison

1 can of RoTel

1 lb of Velveeta Cheese

1.Brown meat over medium heat in skillet.

2.Drain meat.

3.Combine browned meat with RoTel and Velveeta cheese in crockpot on medium heat. An occasional stir will be required as the cheese has melted and all of the ingredients have mixed. (Approx 30 min)

4. Once the cheese has melted stir and serve as a dip.

*Works well with the Tostito Scoops

5. Note: Once the cheese has melted and is ready to be served the mixture can stay in the crockpot on warm for several hours,but it will probably be consumed within the hour. Make sure to occasionally stir the mixture to keep from getting too thick. If this does happen just add a little water to thin.

!Party Favorite!

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