curried bambi-stix

by Paul R
(New Jersey)

It's Jerkey, pretty much as you know it.

But this is the low-salt alternative, if your on blood-pressure or cholesterol meds, (and you like spicy food) this is the one for you!

1) use 1/3 of the salt you would normally use. You can't do "none", try it, I have, its sort of like tasty cardboard!

2) replace the other 2/3 of the "mix" with:
- 3 parts ground cumin powder
- 3 parts ground coriander powder
- 1 part "garam masala"
this is the tough one,
you'll probably need to go to your local
Indian store to get it.

3) I always add LOTS of garlic, but thats optional.
In my case: a teaspoon of ground garlic for every pound
(I have been known to double it)

4) now, if you like spicy add some of your favorite hotsauce
mine: Blairs sudden-death sauce (with Ginseng!)
there is nothing comparable, I put 3 TEAspoons in 5 pounds of mix.
(I once did tablespoons by mistake, it was "incendiary")

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