crock- pot venison bbq

by Joel Person
(water valley, mississippi)

1 venison hind quarter de-boned and trimed place in crock-pot

add 2 tbls salt
2 tbls black pepper
2 tbls garlic powder
3 tbls dried minced onion
1 tbls red pepper flaks
2 cups wickers bbq marinade
1/3 cup red wine vinger
1/3 cup worchestershire sauce
and 2 cups water

cook on high 1 1/2 hrs then turn to low for 6-7 hours

remove meat let cool and chop. save 1 1/2 cup of broth. pour off rest of broth. add chopped meat and broth back to crock-pot. add 1 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce. simmer on low for 1 hr. stir often.

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