by D. King
(Brooksville, fl)

I spent most of my days growing up working and driving race cars, so never really hunted.

So I Turned 38 last year and had friends that hunted and decided to give it a try, but Fell in love with Bow hunting rite away...

After 2 weeks of practice I thought it was time to head for the woods, but needed a stand. That Thursday a friend and I went out and picked out one. The next afternoon we went out and put up our stands for Saturday morning.

So it's 4 A.M. (the next day) and we ease out through the woods and split off to our stands. the climber about whooped me but I got it...

It was a beautiful morning and was just enjoying it! I spent the morning just listening and watching. 9 o'clock came and figured well no deer first day, no biggie...

I looked to my right and there he was! A BUCK!!!! My heart was pounding like crazy! my Bow laying on my lap and he was staring at me. I stayed perfectly still till he went back to the Acorns, then I raised my Bow shaking like a leaf! I didn't even have the peep sight in line and almost shot I was so excited! But composed myself and lined up my 25 yd. shot.

I hit the release and he bolted! It felt like i had been holding my breath the whole time!!!! I text my buddy and said I think I got one!!! We regrouped and scouted for 45 minutes till I found him.






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Apr 12, 2012
Beginners luck NEW
by: Huntergirl62

I started hunting when I was 27 yrs old. I will be 50 in a week. LOL WOW!! Anyways. I love hunting!!!! I have never felt the feelings before that you feel when a big Buck steps out. Its so great. After I shoot my right leg jumps up and down like crazy. I am so glad you got to experience that the 1st day. I will hunt till I can hunt no more. I loved your story. I am Turkey hunting on the 23rd. That's really fun!! Its all in the calling!!! Good luck

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